Why Use Professional Resume Writing Services?  

Professional Resume Writers

If you don’t have a professionally written executive resume to highlight the extraordinary experience and skills that single you out from the hundreds applying for the same position as you, you’re wasting your time. The majority of employers are looking to quickly decide the interview shortlist.

There is zero tolerance of anything other than a professionally designed and executed document that displays the full range of your significant talents and achievements. At Resume Writers we are very fortunate to be able to boast the talents of our expert lead resume writer Tom Hannemann and his professional team of writers.

A winning team by any measure, Resume Writers will give you every chance to get to the next level, and that is a very exciting prospect. Home-grown just doesn’t qualify for engagement at the kind of organisations you’re aspiring to join.

A Resume Writer's Resume:

  • Highlights every aspect of your profile in the most persuasive terms. 
  • Fulfills completely your potential employer’s expectations and preferences.
  • Portrays you as an indispensable asset.
  • Presents your career path and history to the best possible advantage.
  • Is clear and easy-to-read.
  • Delivers a seriously good impression at first glance.
  • Organises your experience & achievements in the most effective way.
  • Explains your value to an organisation in real terms.
  • Makes the most of even limited experience.


Do You Need A New Resume? 

You’ll know for sure, when you’ve answered the following questions with complete honesty, and the kind of detachment that your next potential employer will bring to a perusal of your resume. 

1. Does it present you as a ‘not-to-be-missed’ applicant?

2. Does it do justice to your abilities and your potential?

3. Do your cited achievements express the undoubted merits you possess ?

4. Are your achievements fully supported by evidence?

5. Does it spotlight your strengths?

6. Will the reader be persuaded to read the whole resume? 

7. Does it explain your propensity to go above and beyond an employer’s expectation?

8. Is it well structured and organised according to the reader's needs?

9. Does it put in focus your point(s) of difference?

10. Is it successful in generating the interviews you really want? 

11. Do you have the time, patience and energy needed to improve it?

12. Are you sure you know what the person reading your resume is really looking for?

13. Are you able to assess the operational effectiveness of the document?

14. Do you have the writing skills required to produce a fully professional executive resume?

15. Can you afford not to have a fully professional resume? 

Give yourself 1 point for each time you answered YES and 0 each time you answered NO.  If you scored less than 12 points, you almost certainly need help.  A score of 12 means that you are likely to be in the top 20% of candidates. This is a good start, but only the top 1-5% get invited for an interview. 

Still Uncertain

If the slightest doubt remains, let us remove it for you. Just send your current resume to Resume Writers for a complimentary confidential assessment - include the cover letter you are using, and any current job advertisements that you may have applied for using this documentation. 

We will review your documents and provide feedback on how they are presenting your skills, capabilities and achievements. 

If you are ready, and remember, the risk could be more costly than the service, visit our ONLINE SHOP for further information about our Executive Resume Writing Services and our other Products & Services.

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