Resume Writing Tips

When it comes to the Format, Design and Layout of your resume, bear in mind that employers have certain fixed standards and, not surprisingly, high expectations of those candidates who wish to be considered as potential employees. If you remember to incorporate the following resume writing tips in your document, you are sure to maximise the chances of having your application viewed in a favourable light.

File Type

Most employers and recruitment firms prefer you to attach your resume to an email as a Microsoft Word document created on a PC running Microsoft Windows. If you are using an Apple Mac, you should use the latest version of MS Word, and save your document as a MS Word 97-2004 document with a .doc extension which is an option in the Save menu. It is also not recommended that you send PDF documents.


Design your resume to appear distinctive, crisp and professional without looking as though you spent twice as long on the design as you did on the content. A resume writing tip which many seem to disregard, is that even if you are a qualified or experienced graphic designer, you should keep it simple. The more complex you get, the more likely it is, that the design on which you worked for hours will be distorted at the other end, and will end up detracting from the important content of your resume.


Use standard fonts such as Arial, Times New Roman or Georgia, because many recruitment firms and employers only allow their employees to have a small number of fonts available on their computers. These fonts are easy to read on the screen, they look reasonably good on paper, and they are contained in the stock standard version of MSWord.


Do not right justify the lines of text in your resume. Experts in graphic design and printing say that text is easier to read when the lines are of unequal length and the spacing between words is constant. This is because it forces the brain to concentrate and not miss any words and it is easier for the eye to know where it is on the page. When the lines are of the same length, the eyes and brain get fatigued more quickly, lose concentration and can miss or skip words or lines. This resume writing tip is of particular importance in applying for more senior positions.


Always use black and white. The document will most likely be printed on a black and white laser printer at the other end and photocopied in black and white. If you use different colours, they may not come out well in a black and white copy.

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