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On the 1st of January 2011 a uniform law governing the services we will provide to you commenced, the Australian Consumer Law (“ACL”). It is a set of laws now applying throughout Australia and details specific rules and regulations regarding our quality services to you, together with inherent guarantees, applying upon the engagement of our services.

The further terms and conditions of our Agreement with you are set out below. The ACL can be read by you at any time, and we invite you to discuss any matters of the ACL and/or our Terms and Conditions, prior to you engaging our services.

We specifically bring to your attention the following conditions of our Agreement with you:

  • There will be no additional charges to you, unless you later request additional services beyond the scope of our initial Agreement with you.
  • Payment will be required in full via PayPal prior to commencement of our services to you. (major credit cards are accepted including MasterCard and Visa).
  • Once you have entered into our Agreement, you are responsible for payment of the full agreed service fee. No refunds will be provided after signing of our Agreement, unless for some unforeseen reason it is not possible for us to provide or complete our agreed services for you.
  • Our service will be completed for you within a reasonable timeframe. This is one of the objectives of the ACL. Our service will also be delivered with all reasonable care and skill that would be expected of us by you. So as to ensure these objectives can be met, we cannot accept assignments at short notice nor deliver the service sooner than what is a reasonable timeframe.
  • Upon you providing the necessary instructions to us, that timeframe can be discussed with us if you so require, so that there will be no uncertainty before you engage us.
  • Our service incorporates a collaborative process. Your input into the Executive Resume Writing process is essential to ensuring the quality results you expect. We cannot meet the ACL statutory guarantees if you are unavailable or unable to assist us, when we request your instructions, during the writing process.
  • We are entitled to terminate our Agreement with you if : (i) you do not provide responses to us within twenty one (21) days to any request for further information we require from you so that we can complete our services for you; or (ii) we lose contact with you and you do not inform us of your new contact details within twenty one (21) days.
  • Our Agreement with you will be deemed to end after twenty one (21) days of us informing you that our agreed work and services for you has been provided to you and is complete. Should you thereafter require any further services from us that may arise from our completed work, or otherwise, then any such further services to be provided will only start after your purchasing of these further services from us and a further binding agreement entered.   

Upon your purchasing of our Services, you have confirmed entering a legal binding Agreement with us and you also confirm your acceptance of all the terms and conditions above noted as being within our Agreement with you.

Procedure after entering into our Agreement with you

Once you have purchased any of our products or services, you will receive an email from us with all necessary details required by us to commence our services for you, such as providing to us a copy of your current resume and/or your employment history, a job description for the position you may wish to apply for. If you have requested and agreed on any of our other products or services including our Executive Coaching, Interview Coaching or 360-Degree Feedback services, you will receive a similar email. We will need all your contact details, so that we can commence our services for you promptly and to achieve a timely and quality service for you.


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